How to add stone features in your backyard without destroying nature

A garden can be like an artist’s canvas when the right materials and know-how are added. If your garden is looking a little bare and you want to get your hands dirty with a bit of DIY work then consider some of these ideas. The creative possibilities for using stone in your garden are almost unlimited, provided you’re careful in your planning and execution everything should go fine but if done incorrectly you could end up damaging your garden and impairing regrowth. If you don’t feel up to the challenge of handling things yourself then hire a professional masonry company like Centuria Masonry to do it all for you.

Done right a few stone features can revitalize your garden and boost your curb appeal if you’re looking to sell in the future. Look through some of the ideas below and see if any inspiration strikes.

Build a stone wall

For a garden wall, you have two options, a relining wall or a dry stack wall. If your garden has a slope and experiences a lot of rainfall than a relining wall will be the better option. It has the foundations and strength to stand up to heavy rainfall. Make sure you chose the type of stone carefully. Done right a retaining wall can be both practical and serve aesthetic purposes. If you’d like a more traditional look than a dry stack can be a fun project but it needs to be done carefully if it’s not to fall at the first appearance of wind.

Build a Patio

For some gardens, you may need to bind rocks together with mortar, for others, bricks, concrete and tiles will be enough to do the job. Whatever material you use a stone patio is a great addition to your home creating an outside dining area for relaxing and entertaining guests. Before starting any digging make sure to check with your local planning authorities in case there might be any underground cables or utility pipes. A burst pipe can mean a disaster and a heavy fine.

Style flower beds with boulders

A few large boulders placed strategically around a flower bed can add something extra and eye catching to visitors and potential home buyers. A few boulders can tie the scene together. Depending on what the makeup of your garden is you could have a lot of options with this from lining a footpath to creating a garden pool.

Build a stone fireplace

Nothing will quite add to your patio experience like an outdoor fireplace. This can be a challenging and very fulfilling project once completed. The design options are only limited by your imagination and despite what you may think it’s not that difficult as a DIY project. Unlike flowerbed stones though you’ll need to carefully select what stone materials to use and follow carefully each step of the process. You should put a lot of thought into the site for it before you even strike the first shovel, otherwise, you could run into a lot of difficulties from fire hazards or underground cables.