How Can You Make your Garden More Sustainable

When it comes to gardening, it is not just about planting and landscaping. It is also about creating a more sustainable garden. That means not using harmful chemicals, minimizing waste and going organic. You can only get the most out of gardening if you know some better ways to make it more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

If you are planning to start your own garden, it is important that you’d know some of the helpful and effective ideas to make it sustainable. Let’s check out some of the tips about how to do that.

The Basics

You might not know it, but you are probably using some things in the garden that aren’t ecological such as your pots and fences. You also need to consider the design to begin with. Even if you’d be hiring a Centuria Landscaping professionals to help you, make sure to let them know that you want your garden and your landscape sustainable and toxic-free. The materials to be used are also needs proper consideration.

The design of you garden is also a good way to make it sustainable. Where you would be planting the plants would make a difference. For instance, plants that need shade should be planted under the tree or a shade and of course those that needs sunlight should be exposed right. It would mean less work on your part.

The Planting

Anyone knows how to plant, but not everyone is doing it right. If you want to have a highly sustainable garden, it should start by picking the right plants to plant. What, where and how to plant them is important.

First, consider planting the native plants. It makes a lot of sense that you grow plants that work well with the weather where you are at. These are the plants that you know will survive no matter what. You don’t need to exert more effort to grow them.

Also, go organic. Using a no-no. You want your family to eat healthy and toxic-free food. If in case you find some pest or insects in your garden, there are safer ways to shoo them away. For instance, you can plant insect repelling plants around your garden to keep pest and insects to penetrate. Some may even use a mesh or net to protect the entire garden from outside raiders.

Saving seeds is another way to keep your garden sustainable. Some plants are seasonal. Thus, if you are able to save some seeds, you are able to plant new set of plants in the next season. And saving your own seeds is less expensive and you know for sure the variety and the quality of seeds you are planting.

Maximizing what the nature provides is great. For instance, putting up a good rain container to catch the rain and use it to water the plants is a great idea. You can even find some DIY water sprinkles to help you save some time to water the plants.

Finally, learn how to compost. All the dried leaves twigs, weeds, etc. can all be used in the garden as a fertilizer. It’s a natural and organic way to grow your plants.