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Strategies to Help Protecting Our Ocean

Our ocean and its marine life suffer against our inability to put our trash where they belong. Many people stay ignorant about the fact that our ocean receives 12 million metric tons of plastic garbage each year. The worst thing about it is that it continues the figure increases yearly and soon, our ocean will become a pile of dirt. A polluted ocean can actually bring this world to its… Read Article →

We Teamed up With a Business Coach to Help Local Businesses Become More Sustainable

The development of a region will ultimately depend on how well each individual commerce performs.   This is why we considered that it was important to develop a plan that will help all businesses in the locality to not only develop themselves but also in a sustainable way. We were obviously concerned about the environmental impact that these businesses would have so we gave that the special concern it deserved.  We… Read Article →

How to Remove and Prevent Mold in an Environmentally Friendly Way

Most mould removal procedure in Vancouver involves the use of chemicals which are harmful to the environment. After a thorough mould inspection, they would just immediately proceed to remove the moulds without a second thought on the environmental impact of the activity. But is this the proper way to handle this situation? I don’t think so. If you’re looking an environmentally friendly way to eradicate moulds, read on. Eco-Friendly Mould… Read Article →

The Best Apps to be Environmentally Friendly

Being environmentally friendly seems to be a trend now and it is a good one.  Now, even mobile applications can help you be more friendly to the environment.  The planet will thank you and you will feel good about doing something good for your planet. Let’s take a look at the best applications to help you be more environmentally friendly. #climate #climate is actually a popular application that allows you… Read Article →

How to add stone features in your backyard without destroying nature

A garden can be like an artist’s canvas when the right materials and know-how are added. If your garden is looking a little bare and you want to get your hands dirty with a bit of DIY work then consider some of these ideas. The creative possibilities for using stone in your garden are almost unlimited, provided you’re careful in your planning and execution everything should go fine but if… Read Article →

Environmentally friendly ways to dispose of old office supplies

Do you know that each year, there are about 2.12 billion tons of waste globally? That’s one big of a number. You might not know it, but you are also one of the culprits of all these wastes. That’s one of the reason why more and more advocates are working hand in hand to reduce the amount of waste being produced all over the world. For offices, do you know… Read Article →

Why too many patents are getting in the way of environmental sustainability

It might not be the patents themselves that represent the problem.  After all,  more patents mean more innovation, creativity, and development.  It is the cost of this development what poses a controversial question of how are too many patents getting in the way of sustainable development. Green inventions Many new products being patented are presenting themselves as being green.  But this begs the question of how green these products actually… Read Article →

Make your home more energy efficient with a retractable awning

Home owners who are looking for something new to brighten up their home should consider having a retractable awning installed. They’ll give a bit of color and personality to your home making it stand out from the neighbors. And while there are great aesthetic benefits to installing awnings, there are also more than a few practical benefits. It used to be that most homes had their own awnings but since… Read Article →

Environmentally friendly ways to get rid of fleas around your home

Probably when you think of getting rid of fleas at home, insecticide or other chemicals come to mind.  Flea infestation is really a nuisance and the faster you can get rid of them the better it is.  This is one of the greatest fears of pet owners, especially during the summer, where conditions for fleas to hatch and reproduce multiply. But there are more environmentally-friendly options to get rid of… Read Article →

The Safe Way to Remove Asbestos

Have you discovered the presence of asbestos in your home? If you submit your property to asbestos testing and discovered its presence, you have to submit it to asbestos removal also. This will ensure that your property will be free from asbestos and remain saleable and habitable. How to Safely Remove Asbestos Working with asbestos requires some safety precautions. You have to remember that this is a hazardous chemical known… Read Article →