Environmentally friendly ways to dispose of old office supplies

Do you know that each year, there are about 2.12 billion tons of waste globally? That’s one big of a number. You might not know it, but you are also one of the culprits of all these wastes. That’s one of the reason why more and more advocates are working hand in hand to reduce the amount of waste being produced all over the world.

For offices, do you know some of the best ways to environmentally friendly dispose your old office supplies? If so, do you even practice them? There are so many ways for you to be able to make sure that you don’t hurt the environment anymore. Let’s check out some of the effective ways to do it.

Disposing old office supplies

Let’s face it, what is more convenient than just throwing your old stuff? However, if you want to help protecting the environment, you should know that there are so many safer ways to dispose office supplies.

Firs is to check if they are recyclable. For instance, the most comfortable office chair that you are using is close to the end of its life. Throwing it away is definitely the best idea. There are too many ways to transform an old office chair into something very useful. Depending on its damage, there’s always a way to fix it and probably you can give it to people who might need it and that would find that old office chair still useful.

That same is true with some of the small office supplies such as scratch papers, files and documents that’s of no use, you can get them reused. Some bigger companies will have them shredded and recycled back into new sheets of paper. But if you don’t have that equipment, you can always use them again by cutting them into smaller pieces and use them as a post its when you can write simple reminders for you. For sure the back portion of these printed documents still have space to write.

You can also help the environment by donating all your old stuff instead of throwing them. In some countries, you can even leave your old stuff, those that still works in an area where other people are free to pick them up. You have helped the environment, at the same time you give those people the things that they need.

Finally, the best way that many offices can help the environment is to use recyclable stuff. For instance, as simpler as using staplers could hurt. You can go by using reusable paper clips instead of staple wires. Everything should be refillable should be practice. Disposable stuff can be deadly and harmful for the environment.

The management should also implement a good recycling and segregation policy. As simple as having separate trash cans for bio and no-bio would make a large difference. On top of this is our fair share in protecting our environment. We all have the responsibility to make sure that we minimize our waste and garbage. Remember, this is the only planet we have.