Environmentally friendly ways to get rid of fleas around your home

Probably when you think of getting rid of fleas at home, insecticide or other chemicals come to mind.  Flea infestation is really a nuisance and the faster you can get rid of them the better it is.  This is one of the greatest fears of pet owners, especially during the summer, where conditions for fleas to hatch and reproduce multiply.

But there are more environmentally-friendly options to get rid of fleas around your home.  They are pretty effective and are guaranteed to leave your home pest-free.

Start with the green

The favorite parts for fleas to reproduce are dark and humid areas.  Green plants in your yard provide these ideal conditions for them.  So, trim bushes and remove dead leaves and debris from corners.  Remove all organic matter from your yard.

Once this is done, spray nematodes mixed with water unto your yard.  Nematodes are microscopic roundworms that feed on fleas.  Experts agree that this is a great natural way to get rid of fleas.

Citric repellents

If you have verified that you have fleas inside your house, you can make a citrus remedy that will exterminate them.   Cut six lemons in halves and boil them in four cups of water.  Let this rest for 24 hours so that the juice blends with the water.  Pour this water into a spray bottle and spray over your carpet.  This blend is safe for humans but it may be toxic for your cat so use with caution.

Vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is your best friend at fighting fleas inside your home.  Use it periodically to make sure you get rid of adult fleas in your carpets and rugs.  These insects can jump from the carpet to your clothes and furniture.  To remove these from these areas, use the washing machine to wash your clothes and sheets with warm water.  Next, proceed to dry them.  The heat will get rid of adults and eggs.

Diatomaceous dirt

Diatomaceous dirt is made of dried algae and is a natural product.  You can use it along with the vacuum cleaner to get rid of fleas in your carpets.  Simply pour the product on your carpet and let it rest for 24 hours.  The diatomaceous dirt works by scratching on the exoskeleton of fleas.  Vacuum your carpet after the time has passed.  Wait one week to pour the dirt again.  This will guarantee that you eliminate every cycle of the flea.

You can pour some of this dirt onto your dog to help control flea spreading through your pet

Keep the pests away

Once you have gotten rid of fleas, you want to keep them away.  The best natural way to do this is with cedar.  Place cedar chips around your house to keep fleas in check.  To treat the inside of your house, you can try with cedar essential oil.

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