Make your home more energy efficient with a retractable awning

Home owners who are looking for something new to brighten up their home should consider having a retractable awning installed. They’ll give a bit of color and personality to your home making it stand out from the neighbors. And while there are great aesthetic benefits to installing awnings, there are also more than a few practical benefits. It used to be that most homes had their own awnings but since air-conditioning became standard awnings lost some of their practicability

What many people don’t realize though is that awnings can still offer a lot of benefits. They can be a great money saver both in winter and summer. With the need to be green so important these days this can help you do your part.

Not to mention their also great for installing over patios or decks. This provides some great shade for people to relax on a hot day. It’s easy to find company for awning installation in Vancouver.

How awnings can help you save money and help the environment

One of the biggest costs during summer is having your air conditioner running for most of the day. If you live in a temperate climate this is especially so. Awnings can help cut these energy costs by restricting the amount of direct sunlight entering your window.

Estimates are that when your windows are exposed to direct sunlight your air-conditioned expands 20 percent more energy than normal trying to keep your home cool. If you have single-pained windows it is even more so. Any kind of awning can help cut this back and save you money on electric bills. Fabric though is best as it still allows for some ventilation preventing heat from being trapped under your window. If you’re still a bit skeptical then just know that for south-facing windows solar heat can be reduced by as much as 70 percent. This can mean savings in the hundreds over the summer


During the winter months, you can get the opposite effect if you get retractable awnings installed. Just roll them up to allow more sunlight in and you can help cut your heating costs

Getting awnings installed

If you decide to go with awnings then you have a few choices available. Portable, fixed and retractable. The last one offers the most advantages and the greatest ease of use. Some of them come motorized and can be activated with the push of a button, while others operate through a simple rope and pulley system. Having retractable awnings also means you can change the elevation depending on the amount of light hitting them, allowing more control.

Before making any decisions it’s best to talk with a qualified installation company. Each home installation will be a little different depending on depending on a few factors like the position of the windows. Have an inspection done by someone who understands the different effects sunlight can have on a window. They’ll help you make the right choice