We Teamed up With a Business Coach to Help Local Businesses Become More Sustainable

The development of a region will ultimately depend on how well each individual commerce performs.   This is why we considered that it was important to develop a plan that will help all businesses in the locality to not only develop themselves but also in a sustainable way.

We were obviously concerned about the environmental impact that these businesses would have so we gave that the special concern it deserved.  We actually made it a condition as to apply to the program.

The very first move, once we had local businesses on board, was to get ourselves a good business coach.   We had made it a priority to get these businesses up and running in a sustainable way.

The Preliminary Study

We went in our venture to finding out the environmental impact caused by local businesses.  It went from waste disposal to effective use of resources.

We also went on with a plan of educating business owners on better practices that were truly sustainable.  In this way, we could get everyone on board.

The strategies to make businesses run on more efficient energy and more eco-friendly practices were in place.  But when we got together with the sector, it all seemed to backfire.  The support was not there and, to be honest, with all justification.

Our plan seemed brilliant and the conclusions were based on the study made on each business.  The problem was that we had not considered the profit too well.  Some of the businesses claimed that some strategies had the potential to bring down profits to below zero.

This is when we thought we needed some extra help.  This is what we did.

The Business Coach

We went on to hire a business coach to help us put the plan in place but not only in an environmentally-friendly sustainable way but also in a financially feasible way.   We realized we were only focusing on the environmental aspects and completely dismissed the profit are.

Once our coach was in place, she wanted to see our plan and the businesses books with the idea of conciliating both.  She came in with so many bright and fresh ideas on how a business can be green and make a great profit.

Every business then was tasked with, after getting their feedback from the coach, to come up with an individual plan on how to save resources and be more sustainable.

The Results

We actually got what we expected.  Businesses started to land their propositions on how they were going to become eco-friendly.  They committed themselves to reducing their carbon footprint by exercising very simple activities.

Thak you to our generous coach for making this possible and for providing for the local businesses to grow more eco-friendly and with an even greater profit.